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THE PLAN  2006+

I.  THE PLAN will be enacted by www.footballvideos.com a Division of SPARX Enterprises (SPARX).  Owned and Operated by it's President, William D. Roman (WDR).  www.WDRTV.com (WDRTV) may also be a major part of THE PLAN.

SPARX has Tens of Thousands of College Football Games.  SPARX has sold over 1 Million Dollars of America's Football Games on Video. Chances are, if you, or someone you know, played Division I, II, or III College Football, there is at least a 70% chance, www.footballvideos.com has one or more of YOUR Football Games on Video.  Buy the games, on DVD or VHS Video Tape, watch them, re-live all of those glorious football memories of yore, or from just last week, On Your Video Screen.  That's what WDR has been doing since 1990.  It's been a great success!  But there is more to be done.

THE PLAN is to continue doing what www.footballvideos.com has been doing, but do it in a Bigger, Better, and, even different, way.

II.  Every Plan has a Goal. 


To acquire, organize, preserve and then market, as many College Football Games as possible, while taking steps to be sure to attempt to remunerate parties who have a stake in the game.


The voracious Football Game Video Market will be enlarged, and, increasingly well served, while appropriate schools and related entities to said Football Games are fairly remunerated.

I want to get everyone related involved.  We need to get more games and we need to let more people know they can watch their Football Games on Video.

As we enlarge the endeavor, we will move to Broadcasting these games online on a pay per view basis at www.footballvideos.com or our sister website called www.WDRTV.com

III.  A Big Part of THE PLAN is to move to THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP for www.footballvideos.com and that is ON-LINE BROADCASTING of all of this College Football Action.

            A.  Our sister site www.WDRTV.com can be the internet address where College Football Videos can be viewed ON-LINE on a PAY PER VIEW BASIS.


    A.  MORE People in America need to know they can watch almost any College Football Game ever played, at home, on their video screen, again and again.  SPARX needs to enact a program designed to augment it's advertising efforts.

        1.  A daily commercial on ESPN.

    B.  MORE Games need to be discovered and made available at www.footballvideos.com

        1. WDR has spent about 7 straight years, from about 1993 to 2000, contacting every Division I, II, and III College in the Country.

        2. Efforts were made to procure these Colleges Football Film Libraries.  About 100 schools hooked up with SPARX.  WDR believes there are about 600 Division I, II, and III Colleges out there.  So, it would be a good idea to develop an enhanced effort to contact, and do deals with the 500 other schools out there who are probably sitting on a cache of Valuable, Classic, College Football Game Films.  Lets get 'em all!  The fact is, the longer they hang around out there, the greater the chance becomes that they will OXIDIZE and become useless.  50% of all films shot before 1950 are now probably oxidized (shot) (kaput) can't be transferred, they are all acidic and smelly and powdery and chemically dangerous.  The smartest thing to do is to (capture) them, and transfer them to DVD.  Once I have a good copy on DVD, the film is safely disposed of.  And so, more games need to be discovered, recovered, saved, preserved, cherished, and monetized at www.footballvideos.com .

    C.  More entities who have had a hand in Creating a College Football Game on Film or Video need to work with www.footballvideos.com in order to make more games available to the public at www.footballvideos.com

            1.  We need to work together on this one.

                2.  We need to realized College Football Games have been preserved on film, or a format more current, since the early 1900's.

                3.  From the early 1900's to about 1989, an unbelievable 90 year span, College Football Games have been captured on Film, (and mostly 16mm Film).

                4.  From about 1978 to 1999, it was quite possible, for games to not only be captured on film but on VHS Video tape.  It was relatively inexpensive, to record a college football game right off the TV and onto your VCR which probably had a VHS Video Tape in it.

                5.  Since the year 2000, it is, and has been, quite feasible to record a College Football Game right off the TV an onto a DVD.

                6.  So, since College Football finds its beginnings in 1869, in the Princeton vs Rutgers game, (no, I don't have that one), and since Edison perfected the 16mm Film Projector around 1900, it would be very rare to have captured a college football game on video prior to 1900.  That's about 31 years of football.  But starting in 1901, capturing the action on film was possible.  Those are the College Football Games I want.  All College Football Game Films of Games played from 1900 right up to the present; and ongoing.

            7.  Question is, how do we go about getting all of these films.  Well, rest assured, SPARX has already procured about 50,000 of them.   WDR estimates as of the year ending 2007, there are probably about 500,000 Division I, II, and III College Football Games that have been played.  So we already have about 10% of it.  Just need to try to account for the other 90%.  I am sure about 20% is simply un retrievable, so that leaves about 360,000 games for us to find and about 6,000 games added each year.

            8.  Over the last 100 plus years, one can see, College Football Games have been captured via different recording modes, and we must realize by many different entities.  The Schools, Production Companies, The NCAA, Fans, Parents of Players, Folks recording off the TV, and many, many other entities may have, for some reason or another, captured the game on video.  That's the stuff I want.  All of it, and whatever we got, in whatever format, from whatever entity.  It's the visual images of the game I want.  If it is the only copy of the game I have a chance at having; I'll take it.  That's my attitude. That's all a PART OF THE PLAN.

    D.  MORE Schools need to understand the value of their Old College Football Game Film Library.

    E.  www.footballvideos.com needs to sell MORE and MORE of these games to the public.

    F.  MORE people need to understand the VALUE of preserving America's College Football Game Film History.  Most College Football Games were filmed.  Lets work together to get them.  Lets make them all available to the good people of Planet Earth.  This is all a part of THE PLAN.

V.  www.footballvideos.com needs the cooperation of several entities.

Entity A. Colleges Throughout the country that play Division I, II, or III Football.

Entity B. The Bowls such as the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and others.

Entity C. The Networks.

Entity D. Production Companies.

Entity E. The rest of the 30 Million Plus College Football Fans in America.

Entity F.  The NCAA.

Entity G.  Notables who may have something to do with the game.

Entity H.  Anyone who has a College Football Game on Film, Video, or DVD, that is not currently listed @ www.footballvideos.com

Entity I. TV Station

Entity J. Sales Contractor

Entity K. Conferences

VI.  www.footballvideos.com already has the cooperation of several of the most important entities.

A. Tens of thousands of Players have already purchased games here at www.footballvideos.com

B.  The several Million College Football Fans in America and beyond.

C.  Hundreds of Colleges throughout the country.

D.  The Football Game Film Traders all know about this site.

VII.  A big part of THE PLAN is to bring all of the necessary entities together, all working to make America's College Football Games available to all of America.
VIII.  Investors are wanted.  If you would like to invest in this Plan, feel free to email WDR at wdr@footballvideos.com  and, or see this Investors Wanted Link. You can receive a copy of my Plan For Investors.  You can actually purchase a piece of the www.footballvideos.com pie.
IX.  An Integral Part of THE PLAN is that SPARX will make every effort to remunerate all parties related to any presentation.

            A. Any entity that has some relation to a presentation will be remunerated when said presentation is sold by SPARX.

              B.  All related parties to a presentation will be defined.  When said entity signs an agreement with SPARX, and upon the occasion of said entity's presentation being sold, said entity will receive a predetermined percentage of the sale.

            C.  Because every related entity to a presentation is remunerated, there will be no legal issues because every one wins.

X.  TOGETHER,  we can unite, to create an awesome product.  AMERICA'S COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES ON VIDEO!  And, we can all enjoy the Historical Video History of College Football while benefiting financially where and when appropriate. SPARX, www.footballvideos.com , and www.WDRTV.com will be coming along for the ride!

Be a part of THE PLAN 2006+

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